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Must See

Local Landmarks

While you’re in town, there are certain things you have to see. We’ve put this list together, but it is far from complete! Comment at the end of this post

Must See

Albany’s Historic Whaling Station

Visit the only complete whaling station attraction in the world! See the Albany’s Historic Whaling Station website. This was the last operating station in Australia and provides a fascinating insight

Must See

The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

Visit the DPAW website to learn more about this internationally recognised nature-based attraction, giving you a bird’s eye view of some of the biggest timber giants on Earth.

Must See

The Gap and Natural Bridge >

See what the region has to offer so you can plan to stay for longer! Rugged coastline, calm beaches, enchanting forests and mountain ranges… we’ve got it all baby!

Come see all the history to-day
At Albany of Western Australia
Aboriginal History – Early European History – Anzac History
karri forests
Beaches as white as snow
[ensure to bring ones togs]
Lavish dining experiences
– and the great –
Gap and Natural Bridge